The Miler

The miler [mahy-ler] specializes in a race of one mile. A thoroughbred runner—lean and graceful with a finely tuned mix of speed and endurance. Miler embodies the form and spirit of the miler striking a balance of aesthetics and performance while possessing a unique sense of self and desire to break away.



Running is more than sport, it has a deep culture that inspires our design process. We make products for running and après-run knowing running goes beyond the physical activity itself and is born of individuals and community.



Our designer approach leads to modern and creatively inspired pieces. We design and make everything in New York City. The urban context has changed modern running and this heavily influences our collections.



We source high quality fabric exclusively from respected European and Japanese mills and use the latest technology and construction techniques to produce premium technical products. With production exclusively in New York City, we enhance the quality of our product and our connection to the city.


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